Restoring History

While many are familiar with the two-story, brick depot on Elm Street, most don’t know about its rich history. That’s why North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) is leading an effort to bring the 1899 Depot back to its former glory.


The Depot on Elm Street was built in 1899 by the Southern Railway. It was initially used as a passenger station, and later converted to into offices for the railroad. In 1926, a fire caused significant damage to the building at which point it was converted from three stories to two. The building was used by Norfolk Southern Railway as a general office building until 2012. The depot currently sits vacant.


NCRR envisions a commercial mixed-use redevelopment that incorporates original design elements including a restored third floor. Additionally, we believe we can find creative uses for its outdoor spaces and the parking area.

Thanks to its enviable location, this redevelopment project has the potential to encourage additional investments and better connectivity between Greensboro’s downtown and south end.

How We Move Forward

NCRR plans to take the lead, but we need the community buy-in and support. Here are some of the ways we plan to fund the redevelopment:

  • Leverage and deploy existing NCRR assets
  • Collaborate with historic associations including the Southern Railway Historical Association, the Greensboro chapter of the National Rail Historical Society, Preservation Greensboro and others
  • Apply for appropriate redevelopment grants and tax credit opportunities

  • Seek investments from the community, community partners and area businesses

Project organized by NCRR

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